Other Speeches and Abstracts
Welcoming Remarks Mr. CHAN, Chauto
UN Message to the New York Forum on World Civilizations Mr. WU, Hongbo
Opening Remarks Dr. HO, C.P. Patrick
Opening Keynote Speech Prof. XU, Jialu
Keynote Speech Cardinal McCARRICK, Theodore E.
Keynote Speech Ven. Master Xue Cheng
Remarks Mr. LIU, Changle
Remarks Prof. SWIDLER, Leonard
Remarks Prof. CAO, Weidong
Remarks Mr. HACKETT, James T.
Remarks Prof. HUANG, Pumin
Remarks Prof. KOHN, Livia
Remarks Prof. FU, Youde
Remarks Doctor BORELLI, John
Remarks Mr. ZHANG, Jiyu
Remarks Doctor McLUHAN, Eric Marshall
Closing Remarks Dr. HO, C.P. Patrick


Cardinal McCARRICK, Theodore E. (left) and Prof. XU, Jialu (right) engaged in dialogue on the second day of the forum

Four honorable speakers of the forum
(From left) Mr. ZHANG, Jiyu; Cardinal McCARRICK, Theodore E.; Prof. XU, Jialu; Venerable Master Xue Cheng